How to do evening makeup for formal events?

How to do evening makeup for formal events?

Every season there are patterns that dominate the paths and affect women’s dress and make-up before they leave the night. This spring there have been many funs, simple and glamorous evening makeup for formal events.

Pink has come back on models cheeks, smoothed in every hue, rather than powder, with a creamy blush. At night, lighter colors, including vivid fuchsia, were amplified to darker pink.

If you want a more low-key look, the lip pencils can be used to have a rich, stained look with your finger as a basecoat or dab-lipstick in a pink or red hue. When you’re on a more dramatic look, high lighting is also a fun trend right now. To do this, simply apply a layer of clear gloss after staining your lips and follow the evening makeup tips.

fatal woman

Eyelids too can be bright and reflective, just smooth on them with a little lip balm. You may also wear a light pink lip gloss or buy decent eye gloss from one of the leading brands.

Act with plenty of liner in the roots of your lashes for a more glamorous look and then use a lot of mascara or false lashes. The pencil can be in other dark shades as well.

In order to be the last fatal woman in the night, try to lining the inner eyelashes around with a waterproof liner and then apply a slippery shadow to the middle of your deck.

glamorous look

Another look to try is solid lips with a bare face, with a matte red lipstick. You can also switch the opposite emphasis on your decks, you can create sophisticated eyes with a metallic grey shadow and then a touch of natural warmth on your lips.

Whatever appearance suits your mood tonight it is always a good idea to consult a knowledgeable maquiladora who can advise you on the most fitting coloring and style of all these many evening maquila modes. You know now that you can look amazing, go out tonight to have fun!