Since July 2016, a group of neighborhood stakeholders representing residents, merchants and institutions in the Inner Sunset have been leading the effort to form a Green Benefit District (GBD). The proposed Inner Sunset GBD has not yet been established.

Our mission is to improve the overall quality of life in the Inner Sunset through neighborhood improvements, community engagement, and enhanced stewardship of the public realm.

The goals of the Inner Sunset GBD are to:

  • Provide a consistently clean, welcoming, safe and attractive district
  • Advocate for local district priorities 
  • Attract and retain local businesses along the commercial corridor
  • Invest in neighborhood beautification 
  • Strengthen connection between parks, open spaces, and the neighborhood

The GBD Formation Committee is a group of approximately 40 neighborhood stakeholders including residents and merchants, renters and property owners, and is led by 5 Co-Chairs:

  • Al Minvielle, 5th Ave neighbor
  • Andrea Jadwin, 6th Ave neighbor
  • Naomi Porat, 4th Ave neighbor
  • Craig Dawson, local merchant & ISMA Vice President
  • Ike Kwon, COO of the California Academy of Sciences