The transparent, grassroots management structure
of a GBD ensures that it will be held accountable
to the community it serves

A GBD is managed by a local 501(c)3 nonprofit, which is governed by a board of directors elected by neighbors and representative of the neighborhood, with dedicated board seats for property owners and renters, residents and merchants to ensure that. 

Accountability, transparency, and local control are foundational goals of a GBD. It is subject to the same reporting, accounting and public transparency requirements that apply to any other tax-exempt entity in the US. Furthermore, a GBD is required to submit annual performance reports to the San Francisco Public Works Department, including clear accounting of all income and expenses. 

Importantly, every GBD must have a Management Plan that serves as its “mini-Constitution,” clearly defining the GBD's scope and spending authority. Once approved by the voters, the Management Plan can only be changed by a subsequent vote of assessed property owners.

For details on the Inner Sunset GBD Board's composition and selection process, please see the Management Plan.