A GBD provides a steady, long-term funding source
to support neighborhood services and improvements
to public spaces


where does the funding come from?

Each property owner in a GBD pays an assessment proportional to the benefits provided by GBD-funded services and improvements in the neighborhood. Assessments show up on residential property tax bills and are collected twice a year on the same schedule as property taxes. 


how are properties assessed?

Special assessments can be determined by one or several factors, such as building size, lot square footage, street frontage, and property uses, like residential or commercial zoning. In the Dogpatch & NW Potrero Hill GBD, the assessment rate varies by land use type: Commercial, Residential and Industrial parcels are assessed based on their total building square footage, while Greenspace parcels and Vacant/Parking Lots are assessed based on their total lot square footage.


how is the assessment rate determined?

Assessment rates are calculated by an Assessment Engineer, during the "Plan Development" phase of the formation process. The Assessment Engineer helps district stakeholders and community members to determine an assessment methodology that is fair, representative, and proportional across all assessed property owners. The Assessment Methodology must be reviewed, vetted and approved by a proposed district’s stakeholders and property owners.