A GBD empowers stakeholders to build consensus on and implement neighborhood projects at a local level


enhanced services & improvements

Provides resources to enhance public spaces throughout the neighborhood in a timely manner, making them cleaner, safer, more accessible, attractive and lively for the community (see Types of Projects).

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accountability & transparency

Provides direct oversight in how funds are used in the neighborhood, and ensures a high degree of transparency (see Governance). A GBD is subject to the standard reporting, accounting and public transparency requirements of non-profit organizations in the US.

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reliable long-term funding

Annual property assessments create a steady source of revenue to support professional services and improvement projects. As a non-profit, a GBD can leverage outside grants and City resources to significantly enhance its capacity to implement community-driven projects. 

platform for advocacy

Provides a platform for property owners, businesses and residents to advocate for delivery of City resources to the neighborhood, and actively shape improvements to public realm areas.