The effort to form a GBD in the Inner Sunset builds on a number of previous neighborhood initiatives. 

The Inner Sunset neighborhood is on the west side of San Francisco, where established, predominantly residential neighborhoods have received less City attention on planning and growth. Even so, the neighborhood has been proactive in pursuing improvements, from utility under grounding utility wires to establishing a weekly farmers' market. A number of residents, merchants and other members of the Inner Sunset community have long been involved in local planning issues, interfacing with City agencies and participating in community meetings to advocate for neighborhood-scale improvements (see Existing Plans & Proposals for some of the major City and community-driven initiatives).

In 2014, the community supported the Inner Sunset Neighborhood Survey to assess the values and needs of neighborhood, as well as to inform future planning efforts. Survey findings demonstrated a desire for streetscape improvements, enhanced pedestrian and bicycle safety, and community spaces. In 2017, a professional third-party GBD Survey affirmed these earlier findings and indicated strong interest in a potential Inner Sunset GBD.

Community leaders would like to continue this momentum by forming a GBD. The GBD provides an appealing long-term framework: it would establish a responsive local organization to enhance the neighborhood’s ability to advocate for and implement a range of public benefit projects and services.